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Amazon remains a giant in the online retail world offering more content than ever before from music to original TV content. It's also been flexing it hardware muscles with two new Kindle Fire tablets and the new, more innovative Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Amazon reported record sales at the beginning of 2013 as more people continue to swap the real high street for the virtual one. Whether it’s books, music, films, original TV programming and a host of other digital content, Amazon has been covering all bases letting you store in the cloud so it's accessible from anywhere.

Jeff Bezos also introduced the 7-inch Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire 8.9 to offer more affordable alternatives to the iPad and unleashed its Kindle Paperwhite eReader as it continues to lead the way in replacing paperbacks for device that can store thousands of books.

With rumours persisting that Amazon has plans to make a smartphone or even a set-top box, it’s clear that Jeff Bezos means business and that there is plenty more to come from the emerging tech heavyweight.


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