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Marshall Monitor

The amplifier masters continue to push their name further into the world of home audio with a second crack at big cans with a few novel features. If your seventies rock god credentials feel lacking, a pair of these with suitably long hair should sort you out.

The black on black design with beaming Marshall logo manages to bring the style of hefty amps to the side of your head but what else is new?

The grill of these headphones can be detached so you can see the gubbins underneath. You can place a magnetic cushion inside each ear cup for a warmer, richer sound or remove it for bare, raw rock sound, depending on your mood.

Foldable with a retro coiled detachable cable, these headphones come with a carry bag and the cable includes a mic for calls and another input so you can share your music. The end result? Lots of bang for your buck and head turning style if you want to attract tattoed girls in plaid shirts.

Price: £180 | Marshall Headphones

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