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Finalist Samsung UE46F8000

This 46-inch model sits at the top of Samsung’s range, this is a super-skinny, super-smart LED TV with a quad-core processor and an ambitious smart TV set-up that can be controlled by voice or gesture commands.

With a bezel a mere 5mm wide, the Samsung UE468000 is probably the smallest 46-inch telly on the market, but it’s nicely sturdy for all that, and the Korean company hasn’t scrimped on stuffing it full of features: voice and gesture controls; face recognition; a scorchingly speedy quad-core processor; and a huge set of smart TV functions, plus the ability to add “Evolution Kit” upgrades in the future to ensure it all remains cutting edge.

Then there’s the image quality, which – while it requires a bit of tweaking on the user’s part – is the finest Samsung has ever delivered on an LED screen, transcending the uneven backlight issues of past generations to deliver superb contrast alongside smooth motion and sharp detail, both in 2D and 3D modes.

A wonderful combination of design, performance and features, the UE468000 (and its 55-inch and 40-inch variants) is a real gauntlet hurled down at the feet of other TV makers.

Price: £1,899.99 | Samsung

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