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Finalist B&W A5

A wireless speaker dock that looks decidedly more demure than B&W’s sweeping Zeppelin Air, the A5 is an AirPlay speaker dock to wirelessly stream audio from iOS devices – although you can hook up almost anything via a 3.5mm cable.

The B&W A5 is about the size of a toaster, but serves up detailed, full-bodied sound instead of a warm bagel. And it’s a lot easier on the eyes than the average toaster too, with an understated, elegant design that takes cues from B&W’s MM-1 PC speakers.

It’s an AirPlay speaker, allowing it to stream wirelessly from an iOS device or a computer running iTunes, and thanks to the AirPlay Setup app it’s a lot simpler to get up and running than many of its counterparts. You can also lash up any other stereo source via cable.

The A5 is a high end dock with exceptional audio performance squeezed into a box that’ll happily fit on a bookshelf. It’s a great little product, especially for smaller rooms.

Price: £399 | B&W

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